Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is defined as both acute and chronic psychiatric and substance use disorders as referenced in the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association.

For Medicaid Covered Persons, these services are administered through a State-contracted vendor (Beacon Health Options).

For CHIP Covered Persons, these services are administered through a PCHP-contracted vendor (Beacon Health Options).

PCP’s may offer behavioral health treatment to Covered Person within the scope of their practice and may also make appropriate referrals to Behavioral Health Specialists. Beacon will provide PCP’s with assessment instruments for use in providing Behavioral Health services.

Providers must use DSM-V multi-axial classifications and other assessment instruments or outcome measures required by HHSC when assessing Covered Persons for behavioral health services.

Parkland CHIP Covered Persons can also self-refer to a participating Behavioral Health specialist by calling the vendor listed on Appendix A of this Provider Manual. Parents of Parkland CHIP Perinate Newborn Covered Persons should call Covered Person Services at 1-888-814-2352 and ask for the Medical Management Department for assistance.

A PCP or other Specialist and a Behavioral Health Specialist should talk often regarding the health care services provided to each Covered Person.

Participating Providers must comply with the Beacon Behavioral Health Clinical Practice Guidelines.

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