Complaints and Appeals

Provider Complaint to HMO
The definition of a “Complaint” – Any dissatisfaction, expressed by a complaint orally or in writing to Parkland Community Health Plan, about any matter other than an Action.

You can file a complaint with Parkland Community Health Plan by:

  • Verbally by calling: HEALTHfirst1-888-672-2277 or KIDSfirst-  1-888-814-2352
  • By fax: 1-877-223-4580

By mail: Parkland Community Health Plan Appeals and Correspondence
P.O. Box 569005
Dallas, TX 75356-9005

Provider Complaint Appeal to HMO
If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can submit an appeal request to the Parkland Community Health Plan address within 30 days from the date of the response letter of the complaint.

By Email Click Here – Providers can submit Complaint and Appeals.  Please include supporting documentation for the Complaint and Appeal upon submission.

Provider Complaint to HHSC
You can also file a complaint with HHSC by email.

Additional information

  • Information about claim appeals, please refer to claims.
  • Information regarding provider complaints and appeals, please refer to the Provider Manual.